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1 00:00:18,130 --> 00:00:22,960 Hi everyone, this is Stephanie Manley with CopyKat.com and you might wonder if Olive 2 00:00:22,960 --> 00:00:28,130 Garden is my favorite restaurant. Well, it is. So today we are going to do the Chicken 3 00:00:28,130 --> 00:00:34,019 Marsala from the Olive Garden and this requires a special ingredient. And if you don't drink 4 00:00:34,019 --> 00:00:38,000 wine, I don't think you can really make this dish without it tasting well. 5 00:00:38,000 --> 00:00:44,860 So my big tip on Marsala wine is buy the dry kind. One of my worst cooking mistakes ever 6 00:00:44,860 --> 00:00:50,589 was making this dish with a sweet wine. When I say sweet, we're talking honey sweet. That 7 00:00:50,589 --> 00:00:57,589 was my biggest cooking mistake ever or at least over the last ten years, so dry Marsala 8 00:00:57,979 --> 00:00:59,460 wine here. 9 00:00:59,460 --> 00:01:04,509 This recipe is pretty easy to make. I have just a few simple things in here. We have 10 00:01:04,509 --> 00:01:09,990 flour, a little bit of oregano. We have salt and pepper, that's what we're going to dredge 11 00:01:09,990 --> 00:01:14,530 the chicken in. Then we have chicken breast. We're going to cook it in a combination of 12 00:01:14,530 --> 00:01:19,119 oil and butter because it tastes great. And we're going to finish it with a wonderful 13 00:01:19,119 --> 00:01:25,200 sauce of mushrooms in Marsala wine. So let me show you what you need to do to get started 14 00:01:25,200 --> 00:01:26,340 on this recipe. 15 00:01:26,340 --> 00:01:31,390 Okay, the first thing that we need to do is we need to go ahead and season up our flour. 16 00:01:31,390 --> 00:01:38,390 And I am going to add my oregano. I'm going to add some salt and some pepper to this flour. 17 00:01:46,189 --> 00:01:52,999 This will help season it up really nice. We're just going to stir this in. So we're just 18 00:01:52,999 --> 00:01:57,179 going to dredge the chicken in. And you know you should never touch raw chicken with your 19 00:01:57,179 --> 00:02:02,700 hands and cross contaminate it. So I like to use a fork so I'm not actually touching 20 00:02:02,700 --> 00:02:08,929 the raw chicken. So we're just going to dredge our chicken in the flour, get it nice and 21 00:02:08,929 --> 00:02:15,929 coated. We're going to let it rest for a couple moments and then we'll cook it. 22 00:02:19,020 --> 00:02:24,319 So this recipe requires fresh mushrooms and I'm going to show you a little tip in cleaning 23 00:02:24,319 --> 00:02:29,860 mushrooms. Just take a couple of paper towels, wet them down and just dust off the dirt that's 24 00:02:29,860 --> 00:02:35,000 on the mushrooms. Sometimes there's just a little bit of soil that they grow in that's 25 00:02:35,000 --> 00:02:41,290 on there. Generally not much. This is a lot better than actually running the mushrooms 26 00:02:41,290 --> 00:02:48,290 under the water and scrubbing them. Then your mushrooms stay nice and intact. So again, 27 00:02:49,810 --> 00:02:51,970 just rub them off. 28 00:02:51,970 --> 00:02:57,720 Alright. So when you actually cut the mushrooms, before you cut them, I just want you take 29 00:02:57,720 --> 00:03:03,990 the stem and just pop it out and put it to the side. You could make a broth out of these 30 00:03:03,990 --> 00:03:09,970 mushrooms if you're ever just making some beef stock or something, these are great for 31 00:03:09,970 --> 00:03:16,270 stocks. They're a little tough to eat, so we go ahead and just pop these out. You can 32 00:03:16,270 --> 00:03:23,270 see it's really easy to do. Alright. And then we're just going to go ahead and slice these 33 00:03:26,270 --> 00:03:31,700 into nice, small slices. 34 00:03:31,700 --> 00:03:38,700 Okay, so it's time to cook the chicken. We are simply going to pour the oil in the pan 35 00:03:41,680 --> 00:03:47,380 and let it get hot which should just take a couple of seconds and then we're going to 36 00:03:47,380 --> 00:03:54,380 put the chicken into the pan. Okay. So now we're just going to simply lay our chicken 37 00:03:54,850 --> 00:04:00,140 in the pan and we're going to let it cook until it gets nice and golden brown on one 38 00:04:00,140 --> 00:04:06,390 side and then we're going to flip it over and cook up some more chicken. 39 00:04:06,390 --> 00:04:10,520 So after about three to four minutes, go ahead and try to turn your chicken over. It should 40 00:04:10,520 --> 00:04:16,160 be nice and golden brown and if it is, turn it over and we'll let it cook for another 41 00:04:16,160 --> 00:04:23,160 three to four minutes on the other side. And at this time go ahead and add in your mushrooms. 42 00:04:30,789 --> 00:04:34,840 So when the chicken is brown on the second side, go ahead and take it out of the pan 43 00:04:34,840 --> 00:04:41,520 for a second. Use a clean fork when you do it. You don't want to cross contaminate with 44 00:04:41,520 --> 00:04:45,250 your other fork. And we're just going to stir around these mushrooms for a second. And the 45 00:04:45,250 --> 00:04:51,400 next thing I'm going to do is I'm going to go ahead and add in some wine. I'm going to 46 00:04:51,400 --> 00:04:58,400 add in the Marsala wine. I'm going to add about a half cup in. And I wanted to just 47 00:05:02,639 --> 00:05:07,520 kind of get the brown bits that are on the bottom of the pan and I want to kind of stir 48 00:05:07,520 --> 00:05:14,520 those off of the bottom of the pan. That's where all the great flavor is. 49 00:05:14,530 --> 00:05:21,530 Now, it's actually interesting. When you actually cook with wine, most of the alcohol doesn't 50 00:05:25,710 --> 00:05:31,620 really cook out of it. Most of it actually stays in, so if you can't have alcohol I don't 51 00:05:31,620 --> 00:05:37,620 advise doing this. So once this cooks for just a couple of seconds here, we're going 52 00:05:37,620 --> 00:05:40,960 to go ahead and add in the butter and when we do, this is going to make a nice thick 53 00:05:40,960 --> 00:05:45,750 sauce that we're going to pour over the chicken. 54 00:05:45,750 --> 00:05:52,750 Alright. So our sauce is thickened and ready to go and just before serving this, you want 55 00:05:53,169 --> 00:06:00,169 to spoon on a little bit of the mushroom sauce. See how fantastic it is? You could serve this 56 00:06:01,850 --> 00:06:07,660 up, it would be great with some mashed potatoes or even some cooked pasta. But there you go, 57 00:06:07,660 --> 00:06:12,560 there is the Olive Garden Chicken Marsala. This comes from one of my favorite restaurants. 58 00:06:12,560 --> 00:06:17,389 So please be sure to give me a big thumbs up if you like Olive Garden recipes and leave 59 00:06:17,389 --> 00:06:22,610 me a comment. Tell me what recipe you'd like to see me cook next. Thanks for watching.

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